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Friday, September 19, 2014
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"Legends Of Our Time"
The Country Western & Bluegrass
Birthday Book


I was born in Owensboro, Kentucky on July 8, 1961. I am, and shall remain an avid fan of traditional Country & Bluegrass Music. As open as I have always been with my favor for this sound, only a few close friends and relatives really knew the truth of how much seemingly useless information I knew about the music. I have been secretly storing information for years, both on paper and in memory. I say secretly, because I thought I was the only person in the world who was passionate on the subject and didn’t want to appear peculiar.

Since that time I have learned that my first observation was not exactly accurate, but that a gargantuan number of individuals also enjoy simple facts about Country’s legendary artists as well. Collecting this information to me was just a hobby, though just a few seasons ago I was posed with the question “Why don’t you write a book on those birthdates you have?” That question began labor pains for “Legends of Our Time”; this project was born from that inquiry.

My spare time hobby now has been packaged for sharing through this media; I submit it with most humble emotion. With every fiber of my being I have painted each line with the most accurate and in some cases the only known information available. I have refrained from compromising the text by printing only trusted information, as accuracy and organization are important to me.

Agreed, the information substance seems copious, it lacks the full yield I desire to offer proper homage to every vessel responsible for the sound we all treasure in our hearts. Artists that may not be listed are because the information has eluded me, or I value their request not to be integrated.

Each letter has been arranged from the most passionate chamber of my heart. The interior walls of this volume are assembled mostly of Country & Bluegrass recording artists, their birth date, as well as their origin at birth where applicable.

Aside the delivery of the original content idea, I with humble adoration present a section dedicated to our deceased members, as well as their departing date. As I retrieved the names for the section “Beyond The Sunset” a feeling of reverence encamped around me. As each name was given form a realization became even more real, these timeless legends that have been taken shall sound throughout eternity, with or without this vehicle.

I have also included an additional section just for fun within this manuscript. The “Zodiac Signs” have often been referred to as truth by astrologists the world over. The “Zodiac Sign” one was born under is said to offer an accurate description of the person’s inward being, and outward persona, have fun with it but try not to over analyze your results.

I also have thousands of interesting photographic materials of the artists, please check the back pages for a listing of these picture CD’s from the collection, which incidentally I will be adding to. Although the picture CD’s are an extremely time consuming endeavor to amass, I felt that through this elected media they may create a more assessable atmosphere for anyone to view, and be most cost effective to assemble.

I extend a special “Thank You” to my Honky-Tonk friends; Perry Robertson, Ned Walters, along with Mac McDivett, for franchising their paper collections unselfishly, which consequently birthed these tremendous photo projects. It is truly my honor to know these three encyclopedias of trivia, and I am elated to call them my friends.

As “Legends Of Our Time” unfolds you will uncover a bountiful harvest of over 3,500 legendary Country, Bluegrass, and Gospel artists. As well as songwriters, studio musicians, backup vocalists, and more, a virtual treasure trove of dates and places.

This essay is my tribute to those who held a spot in the success of the sound. Though I have referenced their birth-date in a document, it seems so minute in relationship to all they have given.

Tragically yesterday’s performers cut the road for today’s brightest acts and etched their memory in our hearts, though little praise is offered to them in today’s society. As I leaf through these sheets the glimmer of a name takes shape in my memory, I somehow become intoxicated as I recognize their dedication.

You will also notice important executive icons of the music industry and of Nashville listed within this work; record producers, distributors, DJ’s, promoters, and other administrative wizards. Their reflection is burnt into the records that we enjoy to this hour. “Thank You” or “Happy Birthday” seems so callous compared to the painstaking risks they brought to the table. For instance I would question the fate of Decca Records that without someone like Owen Bradley at the helm would surly have folded in one hour. Instead Owen delivered some of the richest Country Music in history. He may be forgotten by some, but to me, shall be remembered with pure admiration.

Birth dates are of course not all the data that I have collected over the years, only the hinge for this project. Now that I have “come out of the closet” with my secret literature, then of course I would be obliged to print another keepsake or two highlighting rich trivia. I possess heaping folders of trivia notations that I have jotted down, typed up, and tucked away; simply waiting for time to unravel them.

I remain hopelessly devoted to the jubilant celebration of traditional Country, and Bluegrass Music, as well its legendary performers and executives whom delivered it.

“Legends Of Our Time” is being offered exclusively by Escape Today Publishing & The Paperboy News. Information for this volume has been both collected direct from the artists, as well as harvested through research over time.

It will remain my continuous quest to search the vast reservoir of facts, solely to pursue the goal of uncovering further calendar events that shall eventually bring an up-to-date luster to “Legends Of Our Time”. If you have information that you would like to share feel free to contact me, as I would be most grateful.

Just Watch as the Legends scroll by:

Nathan Abshire, Roy Acuff, Roy Acuff Jr, Tina Adair, Billy Adams, Darroll Adams, Don Adams, George Adams, JT Adams, Kay Adams, Raymond Thomas Adams, Richard Adams, Ryan Adams, Tom Adams, Eddie Adcock, Martha Adcock, Terry Aden, Hasil Adkins, Paul Adkins, Trace Adkins, Wendel Adkins, Rhett Akins, Tony Alamo, Buddy Alan, Susie Allanson, Urel Albert, Oscar Albright, Tony Alderman, Charlie Aldrich, Mike Aldridge, Walt Aldridge, Danielle Alexander, Jessi Alexander, Wyvon Alexander, Pat Alger, Gary Allan, Johnnie Allan, Austin Allen, Deborah Allen, Duane Allen, Gregory J Allen, Harley Allen, JP Allen, Jules Verne Allen, Lee Allen, Red Allen, Rex Allen, Rex Allen Jr, Rosalie Allen, Ross Allen, Sylvia Kirby Allen, Shelly Lee Alley, Jerry Allison, Joe Allison, Matthew Allred, Rick Allred, Sam Allred, Travis Alltop, Rich Alves, Dave Alvin, Warren Amberson, Durelle Ames, Bob Amos, Jay Amsworthy, Bill Anderson, Ivie Anderson, John Anderson, Keith Anderson, Les "Carrot Top" Anderson, Liz Anderson, Lynn Anderson, Mike Anderson, Susan Anderson, Andy Andrews, Jessica Andrews, LaVerne Andrews, Maxene Andrews, Patty Andrews, Lisa Angelle, Jack Anglin, Jim Anglin, Mike Anglin, Red Anglin, Chubby Anthony, Tony Arata, Randy Archer, Johnny Arizona, Billy Armstrong, Floyd Armstrong, Lloyd Armstrong, Eddy Arnold, Jimmy Arnold, Kristine Arnold, Charline Arthur, Bob Artis, Glen Ash, John Ashby, David Asher, Clarence "Tom" Ashley, Leon Ashley, Jesse Ashlock, Susan Ashton, Audie Ashworth, Ernest Ernie Ashworth, Bob Atcher, Tex Atchison, Bobby Atkins, Chet Atkins, Dave Atkins, Ray "Duck" Atkins, Rodney Atkins, Kevin August, Mike Auldridge, Bobby Austin, Bryan Austin, Charlie Austin, Harold Austin, Jennie Austin, Kay Austin, Ray Austin, Sherrie Austin, Tim Austin, Gene Autry, Jeff Autry, Hoyt Axton, Mae Axton, Earl Aycock, Cliff Ayers, Steve Azar, Larry B, Andy Badale, Joan Baez, Ross Bagdasarian, Perry Baggs, Wendy Bagwell, Homer Bailes, Johnnie Bailes, Kyle Bailes, Walter Bailes, Charlie Bailey, Danny Bailey, DeFord Bailey, James Bailey, Judy Bailey, Lynn Bailey, Razzy Bailey, Richard Bailey, Kathie Baillie, Adam Baker, Billy Baker, Butch Baker, Carroll Baker, Gary Baker, George Baker, Kenny Baker, Butch Baldassari, Barry Bales, Dewey Balfa, Rodney Balfa, David Ball, EC Ball, Marcia Ball, Larry Ballard, Philip Balsley, John Baltzell, AV Bamford, Moe Bandy, Gary Banks, RC Bannon, Ava Barber, Debra Barber, Glenn Barber, Junior Barber, Mike Barber, Fiddlin' Burk Barbour, Bobby Bare, Russ Barenberg, Becky Barfield, Johnny Barfield, Aaron Barker, Randy Barlow, Shane Barmby, Benny Barnes, Brian Barnes, Danny Barnes, Kathy Barnes, Kevin Barnes, Larry Barnes, Max D Barnes, Wanda Barnet, Bobby Barnett, Mandy Barnett, Ed Barney, Joe Barnhill, Joe Bob Barnhill, Rick Barr, Dennis W Barrett, Ernest Barrier, Henry Ray Barrier, Herman Barrier, Ray Barrier, Ronie Barth, Bashful Brother Oswald, Humphrey Bate, Skip Battin, Terry Baucom, Kathy Bauer, Phil Baugh, Eddie Bayers, Janet Bean, Dean Beard, Alcyone Bate Beasley, Susi Beatty, Luke Beaucom, Pappy Gube Beaver, Clyde Beavers, Barry Beckett, Bob Beckham, Molly Bee, Casey Van Beek, Bob Beers, Marc Beeson, Philomena Begley, Carl Belew, Delia Bell, Tommy Bell, David Bellamy, Howard Bellamy, Ernie Benedict, Boyd Bennett, Gary Bennett, Richard Bennett, Richard Bennett, Ed Benson, Kristen Scott Benson, Ray Benson, Dierks Bentley, Stephanie Bentley, Thom Bentley, Barbi Benton, Matraca Berg, Shirley Bergeron, Byron Berline, Crystal Bernard, Johnny Bernard, Rod Bernard, Barry Berrier, John Berry, Hattie "Tootsie" Bess, Steve Bess, Jim Best, Alan Bibey, Craig Bickhardt, Sheila Biddy, Gene Biehl, Big Slim, Amos Binkley, Wiley Birchfield, Vicki Bird, Bob Bishop, Ernie Bivens, Bill Black, Bob Black, Charlie Black, Clint Black, Harry Black Jr, Harry Black Sr, Jeanne Black, Gary Black, Janie Black, Rick Blackburn, Rick Blackburn, Blackeyed Susan, Alan Lee Blackwell, Kenny Blackwell, Bill Blackwood, Cecil Blackwood, Doyle Blackwood, James W Blackwood Jr, Joe Blackwood, Roy Blackwood, RW Blackwood, James Blackwood, Nancy Blake, Norman Blake, Thomas Blake, Clay Blaker, Jack Blanchard, R Lowell Blanchard, Red Blanchard, Johnny Blankenship, Loy Blanton, Steve Bledsoe, Doug Blevins, Frank Blevins, Lloyd Blevins, Doug Block, Bill Blough, Liz Boardo, Ginger Boatwright, Johnny Boatwright, Bobby Bobo, Louis Bodak, Dock Boggs, Noel Boggs, Suzy Bogguss, Bill Bolick, Earl Bolick, Al Bolt, Michael Bonagura, James Bonamy, Eddie Bond, Johnny Bond, Bonnie Lou, Karla Bonoff, Joe Bonsall, Claude Boone, Debby Boone, Larry Boone, Pat Boone, Tony Booth, Bobby Borchers, Dennis Bottoms, Marie Bottrell, Bill Boutilier, Ken Boutilier, Larry Boutilier, Richard Bowden, Richard Bowden, Jama Bowen, Jimmy Bowen, Bryan Bowers, Margie Bowes, Roger Bowling, Billy Bob Bowman, Charlie Bowman, Don Bowman, John R Bowman, Ronnie Bowman, Donnie Bowser, Boxcar Willie, Bill Boyd, Jimmy Boyd, John Brack, Bobby Braddock, Keith Bradford, Connie Bradlet, Harold Bradley, Jerry Bradley, Owen Bradley, Terry Ray Bradley, Terry Bradshaw, Pat Brady, Kirk Brandenberger, Paul Brandt, Aunt Sap Brasfield, Rod Brasfield, Uncle Cyp Brasfield, Francis Leon Bray, Harley Orville Bray, Nate Bray, Walter Brennan, Jackie Brenston, Tom Bresh, Finley J Brewer, Gary Brewer, Jim Brickman, Kimberly Bridger, David Briggs, Red Brigham, Elton Britt, Gena Britt, Michael Britt, Jim Britton, Carlos Brock, Chad Brock, Jim Brock, Lane Brody, Lisa Brokop, David Bromberg, Dale Brooks, Erin Brooks, Garth Brooks, Karen Brooks, Kix Brooks, Van Broussard, Cecil Brower, Alison Brown, Bonnie Brown, Durwood Brown, Frankie Brown, Ginny Brown, Hylo Brown, Jeb Brown, Jim Ed Brown, Junior Brown, Marty Brown, Maxine Brown, Milton Brown, Phyllis Brown, Roger Brown, Roy Brown, Shannon Brown, T Graham Brown, Tony Brown, Jackson Browne, Jann Browne, Jerry Brownlow, Ed Bruce, Vin Bruce, Al Brumley, Albert E Brumley, Tom Brumley, Cliff Bruner, James Bryan, Billy Bryant, Boudleaux Bryant, Duane Junior Bryant, Felice Bryant, Jeff Bryant, Jimmy Bryant, Slim Bryant, Bill Bryson, Mike Bub, Frank Buchanan, James "Goober" Buchanan, Jim Buchanan, Gary Buck, Steve Buckingham, Buck Buckner, Jimmy Buffett, Grady Bullins, Norman Bullock, Cathy Burch, Charlene Burch, Cindy Burch, Curtis Burch, Sonny Burgess, Wilma Burgess, Frenchie Burke, Harold Burkett, Jason Burleson, Paul Burlison, Billy Burnette, Dorsey Burnette, Johnny Burnette, Smiley Burnette, Billy Don Burns, George Burns, Kenneth "Jethro" Burns, Henry Burr, Gene Burrows, James Burton, Wayne E Busbice, Johnny Bush, Roger Bush, Sam Bush, Allen Butler, Carl Butler, Charles Butler, Larry Butler, Pearl Butler, Hillous Butrum, Pat Buttram, Buzz Busby, Ruth Buzzi, Billy Byrd, Jerry Byrd, Robert Byrd, Tracy Byrd, Buddy Cagle, Chris Cagle, Greg Cahill, Benny Cain, Laddie Cain, Vallie Cain, Tommy Caldwell, Toy Caldwell, Bill Callahan, Homer Callahan, Joe Callahan, Duncan Cameron, John Allan Cameron, Colleen Camp, Shawn Camp, Archie Campbell, Cecil Campbell, Eric Campbell, Glen Campbell, Jo Ann Campbell, Kate Campbell, Stacy Dean Campbell, Susan Candy, Ace Cannon, Judy Canova, Cap Caplinger, Jack Cardwell, Nancy Cardwell, Ray Cardwell, Henson Cargill, Bob Carlin, Bill Carlisle, Bob Carlisle, Cliff Carlisle, George Carlisle, Thumbs Carlisle, Tom Carlisle, Paulette Carlson, Jenks Tex Carman, Janis Carnes, Kim Carnes, Rick Carnes, Carol Sue, Carolina Cotton, Bob Carpenter, Karen Carpenter, Mary-Chapin Carpenter, Richard Carpenter, Teddy Carr, Mark Carrico, Bruce Carroll, Johnny Carroll, Lee Carroll, Fiddlin' John Carson, James Carson, Jeff Carson, Jenny Lou Carson, Ken Carson, Martha Carson, Mike Carson, Tex Carson, Wayne Carson, Anita Carter, Anna Carter, AP Carter, Benny Carter, Carlene Carter, David Parker Carter, Deana Carter, Fred Carter Jr, Gary Carter, Helen Carter, Janette Carter, Jason Carter, Jim Carter, Jimmy R Carter, Joe Carter, Maybelle Carter, Rose Carter, Roy Carter, Ruth Carter, Sara Carter, Wilf Carter, Lionel Cartwright, Johnny Carver, Jimmy Case, Neko Case, Robert "Maxwell" Case, Claude Casey, Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash, Rosanne Cash, Tommy Cash, Buzz Cason, Wayne Casper, Pete Cassell, Linda Cassidy, Eddie Ray Castle, Marci Cates, Margie Cates, Connie Cato, Adam Cauldwell, Roy Lee Centers, Bryan Chalker, David Chamberlain, Carl Chambers, Jean Chapel, Cee Cee Chapman, Gary Chapman, Marshall Chapman, Steven Curtis Chapman, Leon Chappelear, Charlene, Ray Charles, Buddy Charleton, Kenneth Charters, Charlie Chase, Clifton Chenier, Bob Cherry, Don Cherry, Kenny Chesney, Jerry Chesnut, Jim Chesnut, Mark Chesnutt, Hank Chess, Kathy Chiavola, Chief Powhatan, Lew Childre, Andy Childs, Peter Chipman, Teri Chism, Bill Chitwood, Harry Choates, Paul "Woody" Chrisman, Wayne Christian, Anne Christine, Porter Church, Bill Church, Claudia Church, Edwin Church, Kevin Church, Ralph Church, Gene Clark, Guy Clark, Harold Clark, Mickey Clark, Old Joe Clark, Petula Clark, Roy Clark, Sanford Clark, Skinney Clark, Speedy Clark, Terri Clark, Tex Clark, Yodeling Slim Clark, Michael Clarke, Eddie Clatterbuck, Al Clausen, Joe Clay, Kimber Clayton, Lee Clayton, Jack Clement, Christopher Clements, Vassar Clements, Zeke Clements, Mike Clevenger, Buzz Clifford, Bill Clifton, Charlie Cline, Curly Ray Cline, Ezra Cline, Katie Cline, Patsy Cline, Tammy Cline, Rosemary Clooney, Danny Cloud, Pat Cloud, Jerry Clower, George L Cobb, Anita Cochran, Eddie Cochran, Hank Cochran, Tammy Cochran, Felician Cocordil, Betty Cody, Buck Cody, David Allan Coe, Kellie Coffey, Larry Cohea, John Cohen, Nudie Cohen, Paul Cohen, RC Coin, Billy Cole, BJ Cole, Grady Cole, Nat King Cole, Sami Jo Cole, T Michael Coleman, Biff Collie, Mark Collie, Shirley Collie, Mark Collier, Brian Collins, Dugg Collins, Gwen Collins, Jerry Collins, Judy Collins, Larry Collins, Lorrie Collins, Tom Collins, Tommy Collins, Jessi Colter, Bill Colwell, Vince Combs, Amie Comeaux, Commander Cody, Perry Como, Bill Compton, Burl Compton, Harry Compton, Mike Compton, John Conlee, Earl Thomas Conley, Dudley Connell, Tom Connors, Patricia Conroy, Ry Cooder, Don Cook, Greg Cook, Jeff Cook, Stu Cook, Jack Cooke, Steven Cooke, Spade Cooley, Rita Coolidge, Phil "Buffalo" Coontz, Carol Lee Cooper, George Cooper Jr, Linda Cooper, Randy Cooper, Stoney Cooper, Wilma Lee Cooper, Cowboy Copas, Gary Lee Copas, Charlie Cope, Clay Cope, Lester Cope, Bob Corbin, Larry Cordle, Helen Cornelius, Randy Cornor, Pete Corum, Xavier B Cosse, Carl Cotner, Gene Cotton, Paul Cotton, Orville Couch, Murrell Counts, Farris Coursey, Cousin Jody, John Cowan, Cowboy Loye, Billy Cox, Don Cox, Evelyn Cox, Lynn Cox, Marla Cox, Sidney Cox, Suzanne Cox, Willard Cox, Barry Crabtree, Billy "Crash" Craddock, Paul Craft, Jerry Crain, Wayne Crain, Floyd Cramer, Tommy Crank, Dan Crary, Robert Red Cravens, Bill Crebs, Dwayne Crews, Bob Crider, Billy Crittenden, Jim Croce, Howard Crockett, Roy Crockett, Sandy Croft, Herman Crook, Lewis Crook, Lorrianne Crook, Bing Crosby, David Crosby, Rob Crosby, Mike Cross, Danny Crossnoe, Alvin Crow, Sheryl Crow, JD Crowe, Josh Crowe, Mack Crowe, Wayne Crowe, Rodney Crowell, JC Crowley, Simon Crum, Jan Crutchfield, Jerry Crutchfield, Bobbie Cryner, Burton Cummings, Chris Cummings, George Cummings, JC Cunningham, Dana Cupp Jr, Mike Curb, Dick Curless, Billy Currington, Ken Curtis, Mac Curtis, Sonny Curtis, T Tommy Cutrer, Billy Ray Cyrus, Smokey Dacus, Ted Daffan, Lisa Daggs, Ted Daigle, Pappy Daily, Pat Daisy, Danny Dale, Kenny Dale, Vernon Dalhart, Johnny Dallas, Rex Dallas, Jessie Dalton, Lacy J Dalton, Larry Dalton, Mike Daly, Michael Damion, Dick Damron, Cooter Daniel, Daniel, Davis Daniel, Pebble Daniel, Charlie Daniels, Clint Daniels, Jack Daniels, Luderin Darbone, Bobby Darin, Donna Darlene, Denver Darling, Helen Darling, Johnny Darrell, James Darren, Jay David, Gail Davies, Betty Jack Davis, Bud Davis, Cleo Davis, Danny Davis, David Davis, Gene Davis, Jeannie Davis, Jimmie Davis, Karl Davis, Linda Davis, Lynn Davis, Mac Davis, Marvin C Davis, Mary Reeves Davis, Oscar Davis, Paul Davis, Ray Davis, Rosie Davis, Sammy Davis Jr, Scooter Davis, Skeeter Davis, Spencer Davis, Stephanie Davis, Vern Davis, Smokey Dawson, Jennifer Day, Jimmy Day, Paul Deakin, Buster Buck Deal, Stuart Deal, Billy Dean, Eddie Dean, Jimmy Dean, Billy Deaton, Les Deaton, Ray Deaton, Debbie Sue, Duane Dee, Johni Dee, Marcy Dee, Greg Deering, Penny DeHaven, Ethel Delaney, Rusty Delaney, Alton Delmore, Rabon Delmore, Clark Delozier, Martin Delray, Sandra Delray, Jay DeMarcus, Iris DeMent, Little Jimmy Dempsey, Jerry Dengler, Wesley Dennis, Bill Denny, Jim Denny, Walt Denny, John Denver, Jon Derek, Buddy DeVal, Susie Deveraux, Ott Devine, Lew DeWitt, Al Dexter, Carolyn DeZurick, Mary Jane DeZurick, Caroline DeZurik, Neil Diamond, Bob Dick, Hazel Dickens, Little Jimmy Dickens, Dan Dickey, Pam Dickinson, Joe Diffie, Annie Lou Dill, Danny Dill, Dottie Dillard, Douglas Dillard, Rodney Dillard, Steve Dilling, Craig Dillingham, Dwight Dillman, Dean Dillon, Everett Dirksen, John Dittrich, Dorsey Dixon, Dorsey Murdock Dixon, Howard Dixon, Deryl Dodd, Jimmie Dolan, Johnny Dollar, Fats Domino, Duck Donald, Lonnie Donegan, Jimmy Dormire, Tommy Doss, Dottsy, Michael Doucet, Jerry Douglas, Steve Douglas, Tony Douglas, Ronnie Dove, Glen Dover, Kent Dowell, Sean Morton Downey, Big Al Downing, Guy Drake, Jack Drake, Pete Drake, Rusty Draper, Lee Dresser, Jimmie Driftwood, Brad Drown, Mike Drudge, Joe Drumright, Roy Drusky, George Ducas, Frank Dudgeon, Bill Dudley, Dave Dudley, Arlie Duff, John Duffey, Mark Dufresne, Edwin Duhon, Duke Of Paducah, Bill Duncan, Glen Duncan, Johnny Duncan, Louise Duncan, Stuart Duncan, Tommy Duncan, Bob Dunn, Holly Dunn, Ronnie Dunn, Bobby Durham, Buddy Durham, Hal Durham, Slim Dusty, Corbi Dyann, Frank Dycus, Andy Dye, Jerry "Carrot Top" Dykes, Bob Dylan, Jim Eanes, Billy Earheart, Steve Earle, Deadly Earnest, Mundo Earwood, Ed Easter, James Easter, Jason Easter, Jeff Easter, Russell Easter, Sheena Easton, Connie Eaton, Bob Eberly, Jay Eddie, Duane Eddy, Judith Edelman, Ray Edenton, Billy Edwards, Bobby Edwards, Don Edwards, Jimmy Edwards, Jolie Edwards, Jonathan Edwards, Meredith Edwards, Ray Edwards, Stoney Edwards, Terry Eldredge, Ben Eldridge, Tom Eldridge, Jimmy Elledge, Harvey Ellington, Alecia Elliott, Glenn Elliott, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Darryl Ellis, Don Ellis, Eric Ellis, Jimmy Ellis, Red Ellis, Tony Ellis, Sandy Ellwanger, Rik Elswit, Brother Claude Ely, Joe Ely, Charles Elza, Bill Emerson, John S Emerson, Ralph Emery, Blake Emmons, Buddy Emmons, Cousin Emmy, Melvin Endsley, Ty England, Bill Engvall, Pat Enright, Judd Erickson, Emily Erwin, Martie Erwin, Art Essery, Milton Estes, Jerry Eubanks, Dale Evans, Dave Evans, Earl Evans, Gerald Evans, Paul Evans, Paula Kay Evans, Sara Evans, Leon Everette, Bob Everhart, Clay Everhart, Don Everly, Phil Everly, Skip Ewing, Leroy Eyler, Ralph Ezell, Jimmie Fadden, John Fahey, Tommy Faile, Werly Fairburn, Barbara Fairchild, Raymond Fairchild, Zane Fairchild, Joseph Falcon, Ruby Falls, Donna Fargo, Dewey Farmer, Hugh Farr, Karl Farr, Carl Farris, Rita Faye, Charlie Feathers, Shelton Feazell, Don Felder, Jose Feliciano, Terry Fell, Dick Feller, Tom Feller, Narvel Felts, Freddy Fender, Leo Fender, Zoot Fenster, Mike Ferby, Bob Ferguson, Ernest Ferguson, Gary Ferguson, Ed Ferris, Bennie Fields, Clancy Fields, Kathy Fink, Joe Firth, George Fischoff, Steve Fishell, Shug Fisher, Ella Fitzgerald, Gary Fjellgaard, Linda Flanagan, Chip Flatow, Lester Flatt, Mick Flavin, Bela Fleck, John "Sonny" Fleming, Mike Fleming, Rosie Flores, Danny Flowers, Yodelin' Tommy Floyd, Pat Flynn, Dan Fogelberg, John Fogerty, Jim Foglesong, Betty Foley, Red Foley, Webb Foley, D J Fontana, Dick Foran, Frankie Ford, Gerry Ford, Joy Ford, Mary Ford, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Whitey Ford, Christy Forester, June Forester, Kathy Forester, Kim Forester, Nick Forester, Peggy Forman, Howdy Forrester, Nick Forster, Jimmy Fortune, Chase Forward, Fred Foster, Garley Foster, Janet Miller Foster, Jerry Foster, Radney Foster, Stephen Foster, Tom "Captain Stubby" Fouts, Wally Fowler, Curly Fox, George Fox, Kent Fox, Kelly Foxton, Jeff Foxworthy, Billy Francis, Cleve Francis, Connie Francis, JL Frank, Paul Franklin, Tillman Franks, Jackie Frantz, Dallas Frazier, Dick Freeland, Ernie Freeman, Quilla "Porky" Freeman, Mike Von Fremd, Tim Von Fremd, Glenn Frey, Janie Fricke, Randy Fricke, Kinky Friedman, David Frizzell, Lefty Frizzell, Raymond Froggatt, Steve Fromholtz, John Frost, Ray Frushay, Elmer Fudpucker, Micki Fuhrman, Eddy Fukano, James Fulbright, Robbie Fulks, Jerry Fuller, Garth Fundis, Jim Fungaroli, Richie Furay, Tony Furtado, JB Fusilier, Tony Futado, Avery Gabbard, Harley Gabbard, Pam Gadd, Chris Gaffney, Joe Galante, Patsy Gale, Joe Galente, Al Gallico, Bob Gallion, James Galway, King Ganam, Clarence Ganus, Bob Gardner, McRoy Gardner, Ron Gardner, Jance Garfat, Hank Garland, Steve Garner, Gale Garnett, Snuff Garrett, Sonny Garrish, Glen Garrison, Jimmy Gately, Bill Gatins, Larry Gatlin, Rudy Gatlin, Steve Gatlin, Keith Gattis, Jimmy Gaudreau, Connie B Gay, Crystal Gayle, Rafael Gayol, Bobbie Gentry, Montgomery Gentry, Teddy Gentry, Lloyd Lonzo George, Ron Getman, Andy Gibb, Barry Gibb, Maurice Gibb, Robin Gibb, Terri Gibbs, Bob Gibson, Dave Gibson, Don Gibson, Eric Gibson, Leigh Gibson, Steve Gibson, Janis Gill, Rusty Gill, Vince Gill, Mickey Gilley, Frank Gilligan, John Gillis, Larry Gillis, Billy Gilman, Will Gilmer, Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Johnny Gimble, Andy Ginn, Elisa Girard, Nancy Given, Chuck Glaser, Jim Glaser, Tompall Glaser, Keith Glass, Marvin Glaster, Darrell Glenn, Jamie Globerson, Lonnie Glosson, George Gobel, Gilles Godard, Steve Goetzman, Melvin Goins, Ray Goins, Brian Golbey, Billy Golden, Chris Golden, Rusty Golden, William Lee Golden, Bobby Goldsboro, John Goleman, Will Goleman, Dolly Good, Millie Good, Larry Good, Tony Goodacre, Herald Goodman, Patti Goodman, Patty Goodman, Steve Goodman, Bill Goodwin, Luke Gordon, Noah Gordon, Emory Gordy Jr, Charlie Gore, Leslie Gore, Eydie Gorme, Rex Gosdin, Vern Gosdin, Pamela Gould, Brian Gowen, Charlie Gracie, Shirley Graff, Tammy Graham, Billy Grammer, Gil Grand, Grandpa Jones, Amy Grant, Bill Grant, Keith Grant, Roy "Whitey" Grant, Tom Grant, Whitey Grant, George Grantham, Bryan Grassmeyer, Lindy Gravelle, Josh Graves, Billy Gray, Claude Gray, Del Gray, Dobie Gray, Doug Gray, Mark Gray, Otto Gray, Tom Gray, GB Grayson, Shannon Grayson, Bill Green, John Green, Lloyd Green, Ranger Doug Green, Jack Greene, Kelley Greene, Lorne Greene, Richard Greene, Lee Greenwood, Jim Greer, Randy Greer, Paul Gregg, Ricky Lynn Gregg, Bobby Gregory, Clinton Gregory, Terry Gregory, Tom Gribbin, David Grier, Lamar Grier, Ray Griff, Jimmy Griffin, Rex Griffin, Andy Griffith, Benny Griffith, Nanci Griffith, Andy Griggs, Rob Grill, David Grisman, Larry Groce, Dewey Groom, Steve Grossman, George Gruhn, Bonnie Guitar, Hardrock Gunter, Randy Gurley, Bruce Gust, Jack Guthrie, Woody Guthrie, Buddy Guy, Gary Guzzardo, Vicki Hackerman, Durwood Haddock, Jim Hager, John Hager, Marty Haggard, Merle Haggard, Noel Haggard, Mel Hague, Rob Hajacos, Hal Lone Pine, Bjoro Haland, Monte Hale, Theron Hale, Becky Haley, Bill Haley, Jimmy Haley, Jo Ann Haley, Connie Hall, Jay Hall, Joanie Hall, Roy Hall, Roy Hall, Rufus Hall, Tom T Hall, Wendell Hall, Jim Halsey, Stuart Hamblen, Mary Helen Hames, George Hamilton IV, John Hamilton, Sonny Hammond, Butch Hancock, Wayne Hancock, Cheryl Handy, Carlton Haney, Lillimae Haney, Nick Haney, Hank The Drifter, Esco Hankins, Geary Hanley, Jerry Hanlon, Jeff Hanna, Joe Hannah, Dave Hanner, Geoffrey Hansen, Connie Hanson, Rick Hanson, Tom Hanway, Happy Fats, Arlene Harden, Bobby Harden, Robbie Harden, Gus Hardin, William Hardison, Dave Hardy, Marlon Hargis, Linda Hargrove, Milton Harkey, Sid Harkreader, Keith Harling, Buddy Harman, Bull Harmon, Joni Harms, Bill Harrell, Kelly Harrell, HB Harrelson, Emmylou Harris, Mickey Harris, Ted Harris, Dixie Harrison, Freddie Hart, Kenny Hart, Chapin Hartford, John Hartford, Mike Hartgrove, Dick Hartman, Jimmy Hartsook, Nate Harvell, Alex Harvey, David Harvey, Jan Harvey, Roy Harvey, Bobby Havens, Brad Hawkins, Dale Hawkins, Erskine Hawkins, Hawkshaw Hawkins, Hoyt Hawkins, Jeffrey Hawkins, Ronnie Hawkins, Erin Hay, George D Hay, Kerry Hay, Carl Hayes, Wade Hayes, Henry "Homer" Haynes, Homer T Haynes, Aubrey Haynie, Dan Hays, Larry Heaberlin, Roy Head, Jimmy Heap, Joe Heathcock, Eric Heatherly, David Heavener, Bobby Helms, Don Helms, John Helton, Ron Hemby, Bryce Henderson, Florence Henderson, Gary Henderson, Mike Henderson, Rick Henderson, Tareva Henderson, Tom Henderson, Allen Hendricks, Scott Hendricks, John "Willard" Henke, Don Henley, Don Henry, Murphy Henry, Red Henry, Hairl Hensley, Tari Hensley, Walter Hensley, Billy Henson, Cousin Herb Henson, John Herald, Valentino Hernandez, Mark Herndon, Ray Herndon, Ty Herndon, Don Herron Jr, Bennie Hess, Troy Hess, Hoot Hester, Dolph Hewitt, John Hiatt, John Hickman, Bobby Hicks, Dan Hicks, Nora Murphy Hicks, Bertie Higgins, Mike Hight, Chris Hill, Eddie Hill, Eldred Hill, Faith Hill, Goldie Hill, Kim Hill, Susie Morrison Hill, Tiny Hill, Tommy Hill, John Hill, Lee Hillard, Donna Hilley, Ted Hilliard, Chris Hillman, Tish Hinojosa, John Hisey, Stan Hitchcock, Becky Hobbs, Robert Arnold Hobbs, Adolf Hofner, Arval Hogan, Gerry Hogan, John Hogan, Roy Hogsed, Wilma Ann Holcomb, Curly Dan Holcomb, Wendy Holcombe, Jack Holden, Rebecca Holden, Bear Holderness, Len Holsclaw, Greg Holland, Lee Roy Holliday, Keith Holloman, Terri Hollowell, Buddy Holly, Doyle Holly, Gayle Holly, Johnny Holm, Floyd "Salty" Holmes, Len Holsclaw, Aubrey Holt, Bill Holt, Culley Holt, David Holt, Jerry Holt, Mark Holt, Tom Holt, Glenn Honeycutt, Dave Lonzo Hooten, Albert Hopkins, Doc Hopkins, James T Horn, Jim Horn, Bruce Hornsby, Johnny Horton, Roy Horton, Vaughn Horton, Gerry House, James House, Cisco Houston, David Houston, Gilbert Houston, Guy Hovis, Eddy Howard, Harlan Howard, Jack Howard, Jan Howard, Paul Howard, Randy Howard, Randy Howard, Rebecca Lynn Howard, Kurt Howell, Porter Howell, Mike Hoyer, Greg "Hobie" Hubbard, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Helen Hudson, Larry G Hudson, Leon Huff, George Hug, Billy Hughes, Joel Hughes, Randy Hughes, Jay Huguely, Marcus Hummon, Engelbert Humperdinck, Phil Humphrey, Con Hunley, Ed Hunnicutt, Jesse Hunter, Tommy Hunter, Glen Hurley, Chick Hurt, Kenni Huskey, Roy Huskey Jr, Jeff Huskins, Ferlin Husky, Junior Husky, JW Hutchins, Loney Hutchins, Frank Hutchison, Gunilla Hutton, Walter Hyatt, Randall Hylton, Jim Ibbotson, Rob Ickes, Frank Ifield, Julio Iglesias, Kazuhiro Inaba, Wilf Ingersoll, Red Ingle, Toni Ingraham, Jack Ingram, Kenny Ingram, Autry Inman, Glen Inman, David Innie, Louis Innis, Jerry Irby, Lonnie Irving, Catherine Irwin, Ken Irwin, Bud Isaacs, Joe Isaacs, Sonya Isaacs, Burl Ives, Bill Ivey, Alan Jackson, Aunt Molly Jackson, Carl Jackson, Jack Jackson, Ronald Jackson, Scotty Jackson, Shot Jackson, Stonewall Jackson, Tommy Jackson, Wanda Jackson, Doris Jacobs, Kate Jacobs, Jada, Jana Jae, Brett James, Brian James, George James, John Elvis James, Larry James, Sonny James, Tommy James, George Janack Jr, Tommy Jarrell, Felton Jarvis, JD Jarvis, John Barlow Jarvis, Ashley Jay, Penny Jay, Valerie Jay, Jerry Jaye, Mitch Jayne, Paul Jefferson, Herb Jeffries, Sam Jeffries, Karen Jeglum, Andy Jenkins, Hoke Jenkins, Snuffy Jenkins, Bob Jennings, Greg Jennings, John Jennings, Tommy Jennings, Waylon Jennings, Jack Jensen, Buddy Jewel, Flaco Jiminez, Sammy Johns, Sarah Johns, Buddy Johnson, Carolyn Dawn Johnson, Courtney Johnson, Earl Johnson, Enos Johnson, Gene Johnson, Jeff Johnson, Kenny Johnson, Mark Johnson, Mark Johnson, Mary Ann Johnson, Michael Johnson, Toni Jolene, Albert Jones, Anthony Armstrong Jones, Ayvonne Jones, Buddy Jones, Chris Jones, Clay Jones, Dallas Jones, David Lynn Jones, Frank Jones, George Jones, Harrison Jones, Mark Jones, Mickey Jones, Reesa Kay Jones, Sally Jones, Tom Jones, Louis Jordan, Vic Jordan, John Jorgenson, Sarah Jory, Carl Joyner, Cledus T Judd, Naomi Judd, Wynonna Judd, Dick Jurgens, Bill Justis, Doug Kahan, Si Kahn, Harold Kalin, Herbert Kalin, Kathy Kallick, Kieran Kane, Nick Kane, Dave Kapp, Annie Kaser, Harmonica Kate, Steve Kaufman, Vince Kavanaugh, Barry Kaye, Debbie Lori Kaye, Lois Kaye, Melvesa Kaye, Pete Kaye, Sandra Kaye, Kortney Kayle, Buell Kazee, Ramsey Kearney, Robert Earl Keen Jr, Joe Keene, Bill Keith, Leslie Keith, Toby Keith, Jerri Kelli, Charlie Kelly, Clarence Kelly, Sandy Kelly, Wayne Kemp, Jeannie Kendall, Royce Kendall, Gene Kennedy, Jerry Kennedy, Ray Kennedy, Anthony Kenney, Kenny G, George Kent, Anita Kerr, David Kersh, Doug Kershaw, Rusty Kershaw, Sammy Kershaw, Robin Kesinger, Clark Kessinger, Luke Kessinger, Hal Ketchum, Frank Kettering, Dick Kiasi, Eddie Kilgallon, Merle Kilgore, Buddy Killen, Wade Kimes, Dick Kimmel, Bradley Kincaid, Claude King, Don King, Doris King, Hank King, James King, Matt King, Nelson King, Pee Wee King, Sherri King, Tony King, Heather Kinley, Jennifer Kinley, Dave Kirby, Fred Kirby, Paul David Kirby, Eddie Kirk, Darrin Kirkindoll, Jimmy Kish, Moondi Klein, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, JW Kline, Doug Knecht, Fred Knoblock, Mark Knopfler, Buddy Knox, Keith Knudsen, Esther "Violet" Koehler, Steve Kolander, Alison Krauss, Speedy Krise, Kris Kristofferson, Benny Kubiak, Pete Kukendall, Kitsy Kuykendall, Sleepy LaBeef, Fred "Too Slim" Labour, LaCosta, John Lair, Freddie Lake, Sonny Lamaire, Michael Lamb, Curley Lambert, Pee Wee Lambert, Claude Lampley, Jim Lance, Lynda Lance, Jake Landers, Uncle Bud Landress, Charlie Landsborough, Cristy Lane, Jerry Max Lane, Margie Lane, Red Lane, Shawn Lane, KD Lang, Kelly Lang, Roy Lanham, Wayne Lanham, Mike Lantz, Billy Larkin, Iris Larratt, Nicolette Larson, Billy Ray Latham, Jim Lauderdale, Doug LaValley, Christine Lavin, Shorty Lavender, Don Law, Michael Lawing, Tim Lawler, Jack Lawles, Jack Lawrence, Tracy Lawrence, Vicki Lawrence, Doyle Lawson, Rodney Lay, Zora Layman, Phil Leadbetter, Bernie Leadon, Patti Leatherwood, Huddy "Leadbelly" Ledbetter, Lily May Ledford, Minnie Ledford, Rosie Ledford, Steve Ledford, Chris LeDoux, Albert Lee, Amy Lee, Brenda Lee, Buddy Lee, Cheryl Lee, Dickey Lee, Ernie Lee, Johnny Lee, Leapy Lee, Randy Lee, Robin Lee, Scotty Lee, Wanda Lee, Woody Lee, Charlie Leet, Mary Jo Leet, Tommy Leffew, Andy Leftwich, Ted LeGarde, Tom LeGarde, Zella Lehr, Jack Leiderman, Danni Leigh, Regina Leigh, Richard Leigh, Shannon Leigh, Gary LeMaster, Steve Lerner, Lance Leroy, Scotte Lester, Gary LeVox, Bobby Lewis, Charles B Lewis, Hugh X Lewis, Janis Lewis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Laurie Lewis, Linda Gail Lewis, Little Roy Lewis, Melissa Lewis, Miggie Lewis, Mom Lewis, Murray Lewis, Nannie Lewis, Polly Lewis, Roy "Pop" Lewis, Steve Lewis, Talmadge Lewis, Texas Jim Lewis, Travis Lewis, Wallace Lewis, Gene Libbea, Slim Lickskillett, Gordon Lightfoot, Lightnin' Chance, Burt Lilly, Everett Lilly, Mike Lilly, LaWanda Lindsey, John Lindstrom, Bill Lineberry, Sherwin Linton, Big Bill Lister, Keith Little, Peggy Little, Bill Lloyd, Tommy Lloyd, Lobo, Hank Locklin, Francis X Loconto, Dennis Locorriere, Dick Loftin, Dave Loggins, Kenny Loggins, Jimmie Logsdon, Alan Lomax, Larrie Londin, Eddie London, Dolly Long, Eddie Long, Hubert Long, Shorty Long, Mike Longworth, Tex Looney, Liza Lopez, Bobby Lord, Myrna Lorrie, Junie Lou, John D Loudermilk, Charlie Louvin, Ira Louvin, Amy Love, Patty Loveless, Lyle Lovett, Ruby Lovett, Bill Lowe, Jim Lowe, Jimmy Lowe, Gene Lowinger, Susie Luchsinger, Michael Lucian, Bob Luman, Ted Lundy, Robert Lunn, Bascom Lamar Lunsford, Jimmy Lunsford, Lynwood Lunsford, Mike Lunsford, Frank Luther, Bill Lyerly, Rudy Lyle, Ron Lynam, Claire Lynch, Larry Lynch, Laura Lynch, Judy Lynn, Kimberly Lynn, Loretta Lynn, Marcia Lynn, Patsy Lynn, Peggy Lynn, Tracy Lynn, Shelby Lynne, Kathy Mac, Harold MacIntyre, Bill Mack, Lonnie Mack, Warner Mack, Kate MacKenzie, Bobby Mackey, Uncle Dave Macon, Cal Maddox, Don Maddox, Fred Maddox, Henry Maddox, Ken Maddox, Rose Maddox, Dottie Mae, Mack Magaha, Tommy Magness, Larry Magnum, Brent Maher, Mike Mahoney, Beverly Mahood, JE Mainer, Wade Mainer, Donnie Maines, Kenny Maines, Lloyd Maines, Natalie Maines, Steve Maines, Charlie Major, Tim Malchak, Don Malena, Steve Mallard, Raul Malo, Barbara Mandrell, Irlene Mandrell, Louise Mandrell, Jay Dee Maness, Carl Mann, Lorene Mann, Zeke Manners, Jody Maphis, Joe Maphis, Rose Lee Maphis, Kris Marcy, Miss Eddie Marie, Chris Marion, Tad Marks, Ben Marshall, Dan Earl Marshall, Glen Chester Marshall, Judy Marshall, Susie Marshall, Marty Martel, Linda Martell, Asa Martin, Benny Martin, Bob Martin, Bobbi Martin, CF Martin I, CF Martin II, CF Martin III, CF Martin IV, Craig D Martin, Dean Martin, Emory Martin, Grady Martin, Greg Martin, Janis Martin, Jimmy Martin, Judy Martin, Mac Martin, Mike Martin, Pat Martin, Paul Martin, Paul Martin, Tim Martin, Troy Martin, Dude Martin, Sonny Martin, Wink Martindale, Al Martino, Frankie Marvin, Johnny Marvin, Ken "Lonzo" Marvin, Mila Mason, Allen Massey, Curtis Massey, Louise Massey, Johnnie Masters, Lucille Masters, Owen Masters, Country Johnny Mathis, Kathy Mattea, Neal Matthews, Raymond Matthews, Edd Mayfield, Ken Maynard, Vic McAlpin, Mac McAnally, Shane McAnally, Harry "Big Slim" McAuliffe, Leon McAuliffe, Dale McBride, Dickie McBride, Janet McBride, Laura Lee McBride, Martina McBride, Terry McBride, Maura McCabe, CW McCall, Darrell McCall, Jim McCall, Eamon McCann, Lila McCann, Susan McCann, Dave McCarn, Jennifer McCarter, Lisa McCarter, Teresa McCarter, Paul McCartney, Mary McCaslin, Charly McClain, Harry McClintock, Delbert McClinton, OB McClinton, George McCorkle, George McCormick, Haskell McCormick, Bill McCorvey, Del McCoury, Jerry McCoury, Rob McCoury, Ron McCoury, Charlie McCoy, Jim McCoy, Neal McCoy, Mindy McCready, Rich McCready, Chris McDaniel, Luke McDaniel, Mel McDaniel, Bob McDill, Michael McDonald, Richard McDonald, Skeets McDonald, John McDonnell, Jay McDowell, Ronnie McDowell, Pake McEntire, Reba McEntire, John McEuen, Jack McFadden, Lester McFarland, Luther McFarland, John McFee, Dennis McGee, Kirk McGee, Sam McGee, John McGhee, Wes McGhee, Tony McGill, Roy McGinnis, Maureen McGovern, Tim McGraw, Mary McGregor, Roger McGuinn, Mike McGuire, Don McHan, Kathy McKenzie, Karen McKenzie, Kate McKenzie, Perry McKinley, James McKinney Raymond McLain, Tom McLain, David McLaughlin, Peter McLaughlin, Don McLean, Clayton McMichen, Doug McMillan, Roy McMillan, Terry McMillan, Tim McNamara, Larry McNeely, Bob McNett, Curtis McPeak, Dewey McPeak, Larry McPeak, Mike McPeak, Udell McPeak, Curtis McPeake, Wyley McPherson, Scott McQuaig, Jesse McReynolds, Jim McReynolds, Keith McReynolds, Elsie McWilliams, Fleming McWilliams, Chuck Mead, Joe Meadows, Charles Lynn Mean, Joe Medford, Bill Medley, Greasy Medlin, Scott Meeks, Andy Meginniss, Randy Meisner, John Cougar Mellencamp, Ken Mellons, Memphis Minnie, Art Menius, Tim Mensy, Buddy Meredith, Landon Messer, Jim Messina, Jo Dee Messina, Bud Messner, Liz Meyer, Augie Meyers, Kevin Michael, Walt Michaels, Bill Miller, Bob Miller, Buddy Miller, Carl T Miller, Charlie Miller, Darnell Miller, David Miller, Dean Miller, Eddie Miller, Emmett Miller, Frankie Miller, Homer Miller, James Miller, Jody Miller, Joel Miller, Mark Miller, Ned Miller, Roger Miller, Sandi Miller, Snuffy Miller, Wes Miller, Lucky Millinder, Allen Mills, Donald Mills, Harry Mills, Herbert Mills, Jimmy "Smilin" Mills, Edward Milo, Ronnie Milsap, Minnie Pearl, Shane Minor, Billy Miranda, Joey Miskulin, Guy Mitchell, Harold Mitchell, Peggy Ann Mitchell, Priscilla Mitchell, Waddie Mitchell, Robert Mitchum, Barry Mitterhoff, Billy Mize, Lucky Moeller, Bob Moffat, Clint Moffat, Dave Moffat, Scot Moffat, Hugh Moffatt, Katy Moffatt, Bruce Moffet, Bill Monroe, Birch Monroe, Charlie Monroe, Harry Monroe, James Monroe, James Buck Monroe, John Monroe, Malissa Monroe, Maude Monroe, Speed Monroe, Vaughn Monroe, Billy Montana, Montana Slim, John Montel, Bob Montgomery, John Michael Montgomery, Melba Montgomery, Carlton Moody, Clyde Moody, David Moody, Eletha Moody, Trent Moody, Beth Moore, Bob Moore, Buster Moore, Charlie Moore, Frankie Moore, Georgianna Moore, Jason Moore, Lattie Moore Lee Moore, Melba Moore, Merrill Moore, Russell Moore, Scotty Moore, Thurston Moore, Tiny Moore, Billie Morgan, David Morgan, George Morgan, Lorrie Morgan, Mary Morgan, Misty Morgan, Tom Morgan, Bob Morris, Craig Morris, Gary Morris, Lynn Morris, Wiley Morris, Zeke Morris, Abby Morrison, Apsie Morrison, Bill Morrison, Harold Morrison, Shayne Morrison, Louise Morrissey, Stan Morson, Ann J Morton, Tex Morton, Johnny Mosby, Jonie Mosby, Scott "Cactus" Moser, Dude Mowrey, Claude "Pie Plant Pete" Moye, Moon Mullican, Dee Mullins, Joe Mullins, Kenny Mullins, Paul Mullins, Paul Moon Mullins, Alan Munde, Jim Mundy, Joaquin Murphey, Michael Martin Murphey, David Lee Murphy, Jimmy Murphy, Anne Murray, JW Murray, Diana Murrell, Red Murrell, Danny Myrick, Weldon Myrick, Linda Nail, Luther Naille, Jack Nallie, John Naillie, Bill Napier, Johnny Nash, Murray Nash, Sydney Nathan, Emilio Navaira, Jerry Naylor, Frank Necessary, Sam Neely, Ed Neff, Bonnie Nelson, Ken Nelson, Nikki Nelson, Rick Nelson, Tracy Nelson, Willie Nelson, Jim Nesbitt, Mark Nesler, Michael Nesmith, Bill Nettles, Aaron Neville, Mickey Newbury, Heidi Newfield, Bob Newman, Hank Newman, Jimmy C Newman, Randy Newman, Roy Newman, Roy Newman, Slim Newman, Ernie Newton, Juice Newton, Mark Newton, Wayne Newton, Olivia Newton-John, Gates Nichols, Joe Nichols, Roy Nichols, Sam Nichols, Tim Nichols, Stevie Nicks, Chris Nielsen, Shaun Nielson, John Niemann, Hoyle Nix, Regina Nix, Cindy Nixon, Nick Nixon, Eddie Noack, Nick Noble, Bob Nolan, Norma Jean, Jim Norman, Junior Norman, Daron Norwood, Annette Null, Cecil Null, Louis Nunley, Mayf Nutter, Scott Nygaard, Mike Oatman, Debi O'Brien, Dwayne O'Brien, Mollie O'Brien, Tim O'Brien, Alan O'Bryant, Lucky Oceans, Mark O'Connor, W Lee "Pappy" O'Daniel, Molly O'Day, Doye O'Dell, Mac O'Dell, Daniel O'Donnell, Red O'Donnell, Donna Odum, Chuck Ogsbury, James O'Gwynn, Faith O'Hara, Jamie O'Hara, Jimmy Olander, Jamie Oldaker, Janis Oliver, Kristine Oliver, Andy Olsen, Jamie O'Neal, Roy Orbison, Orion, Mike Orr, Robert Ellis Orrall, Kassidy Osborn, Kelsi Osborn, Kristyn Osborn, Bobby Osborne, Jimmie Osborne, Sonny Osborne, Wynn Osborne, Cathy O'Shea, KT Oslin, Alan Osmond, Donny Osmond, Jimmy Osmond, Marie Osmond, Merrill Osmond, Wayne Osmond, Luther "Arkie" Ossenbrink, Paul Ott, David Otwell, Roger Otwell, Evelyn Overstake, Lucille Overstake, Paul Overstreet, Tommy Overstreet, Jim Owen, Randy Owen, AL Owens, Bonnie Owens, Buck Owens, Cindy Owens, Corky Owens, Don Owens, Doodle Owens, Dusty Owens, Tex Owens, Vernon Oxford, Marshall Pack, Frank Page, Patti Page, Stu Page, Allison Paige, Bob Paisley, Brad Paisley, Tom Paley, John Palmer, Keith Palmer, Johnny Park, Andy Parker, Billy Parker, Byron Parker, Caryl Mack Parker, Colonel Tom Parker, Eleanor Parker, Gary Dale Parker, Gene Parker, Linda Parker, Marty Parker, Norma Jean Parker, Rex Parker, Stephen Parker, Cary Parks, Larry Parks, Michael Parks, David Parmley, Don Parmley, Lee Roy Parnell, Bill Parsons, Gene Parsons, Gordon Parsons, Gram Parsons, Penny Parsons, Dolly Parton, Randy Parton, Stella Parton, George Pasher, June Pasher, Lester Pate, Patsy Montana, Andrew Patterson, Ina Patterson, Ray Patterson, Henry Paul, Les Paul, Tom Paxton, Johnny Paycheck, Claudia Payne, Jimmy Payne, Leon Payne, Kevin Pearce, Myra Pearce, Ray Peck, Herb Pedersen, Harry "Hap" Peebles, Dave Peel, Ralph Peer, Lonnie Peerce, Peggy Sue, Vito Pelletieri, David Pendley, Betty Lu Pennell, JP Pennington, Johnny Pennino, Hank Penny, Carl Perkins, Larry Perkins, Luther Perkins, Wilson "Lefty" Perkins, Dale Perry, Keith Perry, Lloyd Perryman, Ben Peters, Debbie Peters, Doug Peters, Gretchen Peters, Jimmie Peters, Colleen Peterson, Michael Peterson, Shana Petrone, Diane Pfeifer, Doug Phelps, Ricky Lee Phelps, Johnny Phil, Bill Phillips, Charlie Phillips, Dewey Phillips, Garth Phillips, Joe Phillips, John Phillips, Katie Phillips, Lewis Phillips, Sam Phillips, Stu Phillips, Todd Phillips, AL Phipps, Kathleen Phipps, Obed "Dad" Pickard, Don Pierce, Webb Pierce, Ray Pillow, James "Sandy" Pinkard, Gene Pitney, Kenneth Pitts, Mary Kaye Place, Linda Plowman, Nelle Poe, Ruth Poe, Bill Poffinberger, Adam Poindexter, Albert Poindexter, Larry Poindexter, Charlie Poole, Georgie Porgee, Susan Porter, Michael Posey, Sandy Posey, Barry Poss, Curtis Potter, Dale Potter, Don Potter, Steve Pottier, Sandy Powell, Jimmy Powers, Perez Prado, Elvis Presley, Priscilla Presley, Dee Dee Prestige, Frances Preston, Johnny Preston, Terry Preston, James Price, Joel Price, Kenny Price, Ray Price, Charley Pride, Sam Pridgin, John Prine, Texas Kitty Prins, Tim Prior, Duane Propes, Orval Prophet, Ronnie Prophet, Brian Prout, James Prouty, Jeanne Pruett, Marc Pruett, Arthur Prysock, Holland Puckett, Riley Puckett, Leroy Pullens, Curley Putman, Pete Pyle, Jack Quist, Eddie Rabbitt Mark Rader Howard Ragsdale Missy Raines Cedric Rainwater Keech Rainwater Marvin Rainwater Bonnie Raitt Ramblin' Lou Janie Ramirez Carmella Ramsey Willis Ramsey Bobby Randall Jon Randall Boots Randolph Wayne Raney Shorty Ranger Heather Rankin John Morris Rankin Raylene Rankin Rattlesnake Annie Leon Rausch Eddy Raven Bill Rawlings Shirley Ray Wade Ray Marty Raybon Collin Raye Kathy Raye Susan Raye James Reams Donnie Record William "Red" Rector Red River Dave Helen Reddy Blind Alfred Reed Dan Reed Haden Reed Jerry Reed Ola Belle Reed Roger Reed Del Reeves Goebel Reeves Jim Reeves Ronna Reeves Bob Regan Bill Reid Don Reid Gary B Reid Harold Reid Lou Reid Mary Reid Mike Reid Dick Reinhart Herb Remington Dale Reno Don Reno Don Wayne Reno Jack Reno Ronnie Reno Jimmie Revard Allen Reynolds Billy Ray Reynolds Burt Reynolds Dean Reynolds Robert Reynolds Kimmie Rhodes Leon Rhodes Michael Rhodes Red Rhodes Taylor Rhodes Bobby G Rice Hoke Rice Larry Rice Ronnie Rice Stormy Rice Tony Rice Wyatt Rice Charlie Rich Dave Rich Don Rich John Rich Dick Richards John Richards Rusty Richards Sue Richards Deanie Richardson Ethel Richardson JP "Big Bopper" Richardson George Richey Kim Richey Slim Richey Lionel Richie Walt Richmond Allen Riddle George Riddle Jimmy Riddle Johnny Ridge Amy Rigby Don Rigsby Jeannie C Riley LeAnn Rimes Nolan Rinehart Jason Ringenburg Jim Ringer Ralph Rinzler Paul Steve Ripley Jean Ritchie Dewey Ritter Tex Ritter Jack Rivers Jerry Rivers Johnny Rivers Sandy Robb David Robbins Dennis Robbins Hargus "Pig" Robbins Harold Robbins Larry Robbins Marty Robbins Rita Robbins Ronnie Robbins Andrea Roberts Fiddlin' Doc Roberts Jack Roberts Kenny Roberts Pat Roberts Ben Robertson Eck Robertson Texas Jim Robertson Carson Robison Rockin' Sidney Jimmie Rodgers Judy Rodman Johnny Rodriguez Marty Roe Tommy Roe Danny Rogers David Rogers Ernest Rogers Gamble Rogers James Rogers Jesse Rogers Kenny Rogers Laura Rogers Roy Rogers Roy "Dusty" Rogers Jr Smokey Rogers Tammy Rogers Robin Roller Matt Rollings Lulu Roman Linda Ronstadt Jim Rooney Joe Don Rooney Billy Rose Fred Rose Juanita Rose Judy Rose Wesley Rose Neil Rosenberg Phil Rosenthal Earl B Rouse Ervin Rouse Peter Rowan Darrell Rowland Dave Rowland Bobbie Roy Billy Joe Royal Tom Rozum Gino Ruberto Mark Rubin Dwight Rucker Gail Rudisill Tim Rushlow Bobby Russell Dan Russell Harold Russell Johnny Russell Leon Russell Tom Russell Buck Ryan Charlie Ryan Tim Ryan John Wesley Ryles Jeff Rymes Sabrina Marie Marty Sachs Barry Sadler Sammy Sadler Doug Sahm Susan Saint Marie Buffy Sainte-Marie Junior Samples Dean Sams Harlan Sanders Jim Sanders Markie Sanders Ray Sanders Steve Sanders Billy Sandford Tommy Sands Victor Sanz Dean Sapp Larry Sargent Uncle Art Satherley Rick Saucedo Carl Sauceman JP Sauceman Owen Saunders Scott Saunders Ann Savoury Charles Sawtelle Ray Sawyer Leo Sayer Pete Sayers Joey Scarbury Rudd Schaap Mark Schatz Don Schlitz Timothy B Schmitt David Lynn Schnaufer John Schneider Jim Scholten Kelly Schoppa Susan Schulz Thom Schuyler Eloise Schwarz Peter Schwarz Tracy Schwarz Earl Scott Jack Scott Lois Scott Mike Scott Ramblin' Tommy Scott Roy Scott Skyland Scotty Earl Scruggs Gary Scruggs Randy Scruggs Steve Scruggs Johnny Sea Jim Seales Brady Seals Dan Seals Troy Seals Ken Seaman John Sebastian Curly Sechler Wayne Secrest Mike Seeger Jeannie Seeley Bob Seger Ted Self Marilyn Sellars Jason Sellers Kenny Serratt Ronnie Sessions Pat Severs Buster Sexton Dennis Seymore Robert Shafer Whitey Shafer Eldon Shamblin Del Shannon Mike Shannon Kevin Sharp Randy Sharp Danny Shatswell Billy Joe Shaver Brian Shaw Victoria Shaw Dorothy Shay George Beverly Shea Harold Shedd Harry Shelor Sammy Shelor Allen Shelton Blake Shelton Bob Shelton James Alan Shelton Joe Shelton Ricky Van Shelton Jean Shepard Riley Shepard TG Sheppard Glenn Sherley Billy Sherrill Pappy Sherrill Verna E Sherrill Arkie Shibley Mervin Shiner Don Shipley Danny Shirley Stephen Sholes Troy Shondell Jack Shook Walter Shrum George Shuffler John Shuffler Jim Shumate Garland Shuping Shel Silverstein Paul Silvius Ann Simmons Paul Simmons Roger Simmons Vicki Simmons Jimmy Simms Carly Simon Rickie Simpkins Ronnie Simpkins Red Simpson Benny Sims Daryle Singletary Margie Singleton Shelby Singleton Blaise Sires Junior Sisk Asher Sizemore Charlie Sizemore Herschel Sizemore Little Jimmy Sizemore Ricky Skaggs Skidrow Joe Chris Skinner Jimmie Skinner David Slater Shannon Slaughter Patsy Sledd Slim Dallas Bonnie Sloan Melvin Sloan Ralph Sloan Bobby Sloane Carrie Slye Leonard Slye Bill Smallwood Bob Smallwood Ben Smathers Delores Smiley Red Smiley Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith Billy Smith Blaine Smith Bobby Smith Bobby Smith Cal Smith Carl Smith Clarence Smith Connie Smith Craig Smith Dallas Smith Darden Smith Dewayne Smith Dick Smith Edward Smith IV Emma Smith Fiddlin' Arthur Smith Gladys Smith Hal Smith Henry Harlin Smith Herbie Smith John "Tennessee" Smith Joyce Smith Kate Smith Kenny Smith Marcus Smith Margo Smith Mayne Smith Nevada Smith R Harlan Smith Ray Smith Raymond Smith Sammi Smith Shell Smith Smitty Smith Smokey Smith Snuffy Smith Stewart Smith Ted Smith Terry Smith Tim Smith Valerie Smith Warren Smith Tom Smothers Joe Smyth Jill Snider Mike Snider Todd Snider Hank Snow John Kirby Snow Jon Soleather Leo Soleau Vernon Solomon Jo-el Sonnier Tommy Sosebee Joe South JD Souther Hal Southern Red Sovine Roger Sovine Don Sowards Sissy Spacek Steve Sparkman Duane Sparks Larry Sparks Billie Jo Spears Willis Spears Sunny Spencer Tim Spencer Buddy Spicher Carl T Sprague Roger Springer Blaine Sprouse Roger Sprung Red Spurlock Frank St Clair Tommy St John Jim Stafford Jo Stafford Terry Stafford Tim Stafford Art Stamper Joe Stampley James "Poly" Stanfill James Stanifield Carter Stanley Jeannie Stanley Ralph Stanley Ralph Stanley II Jack Stapp Orrin Star Buddy Starcher John Starling Gail Starr Kay Starr Kenny Starr Penny Starr Darrell Statler Red Steagall June Stearns Jeffery Steele Adam Steffey Keith Stegall Geoff Stelling Jimmy Stephens Ott Stephens Larry Stephenson Van Stephenson Jim Steptoe Richard Sterban April Stevens Beth Stevens Betty Stevens Douglas Stevens Geraldine Stevens Jeff Stevens Jim C Stevens Ray Stevens Stu Stevens Cal Stewart Chuck Stewart Gary Stewart John Stewart Larry Stewart Lisa Stewart Redd Stewart Ron Stewart Wynn Stewart Duncan Stitt Ocie Stockard Shane Stockton Gordon Stoker Cliffie Stone Curtis Stone Doug Stone Harry Stone Jim Stone Timothy "T-Bone" Stone Calvin "Scotty" Stoneman Donna Stoneman Ernest "Pop" Stoneman Jim "Oscar" Stoneman Patsy Stoneman Van Stoneman Veronica "Roni" Stoneman Carl Story Vern Stovall Don Stover George Strait Mel Street Mike Street Shelly Streeter Barbra Streisand Texas Bill Strength Henry Strezelecki Flip Strickland Al Stricklin Stringbean Charlie Stripling Chick Stripling Ira Stripling Gene Stroman Toby Stroud Jud Strunk Nick Strutt Doug Stuart Joe Stuart Marty Stuart Eddie Stubbs Nat Stuckey Emmett Sullivan Enoch Sullivan Gene Sullivan Jerry Sullivan John "Lonzo" Sullivan Margie Sullivan Rollin "Oscar" Sullivan Sundown Pete Gene Summers Marion Sumner Joe Sun Jim Sundquist Sunshine Sue Doug Supernaw Cecil Surrat Glenn Sutton Billy Swan Jimmy Swan Rachel Sweet Pat Swinney Ernie Sykes Sylvia Russ Taff Tom Tall James Talley Gid Tanner Gordie Tapp Jimmie Tarlton Barry Tashian Holly Tashian Tater Tate Barbara Anne Taylor Beverly Taylor Carmol Taylor Cathie Taylor Dale Taylor Earl Taylor Harty Taylor Jack Taylor James Taylor James Michael Taylor Joe Taylor Joe Taylor Leigh Taylor Les Taylor Livingston Taylor Mary Taylor Tut Taylor Wayne Taylor Karen Taylor-Good Tennessee Smith Chalee Tennison Al Terry Gordon Terry Joe Tex Texas Ruby Chris Thile Billy Thomas BJ Thomas Darrell Thomas Dick Thomas Guthrie Thomas Peg Thomas Shirley Thomas Steve Thomas Suzanne Thomas Ron Thomason Andy Thompson Bobby Thompson Greg Thompson Hank Thompson Sue Thompson Uncle Jimmy Thompson Verlon Thompson Cyndi Thomson Stan Thorn Marsha Thornton Ozzie Thorpe Bobby Thrasher Sonny Throckmorton Kris Tierney Mel Tillis Pam Tillis Floyd Tillman Johnny Tillotson Bob Timmers Tiny Tim Rick Tippe Aaron Tippin Tony Toliver Kay Tolliver Mitchell Torok Jack Tottle Wayne Toups Kenny Townsel Vance Townsend Dean Townson Diana Trask Fred Travers Merle Travis Randy Travis Buck Trent Rick Trevino Van Trevor Kenneth "Rudy" Triesh Paul "Hezzie" Triesh Rudy Triestsch Trini Triggs Tony Trischka Travis Tritt Greg Trostal Herb Trotman Glen Troutman Dan Truman Ernest Tubb Glenn Tubb Justin Tubb Gabe Tucker Tanya Tucker Johnny M Tulucci Grant Turner Jack Turner Josh Turner Mary Lou Turner Zeb Turner Wesley Tuttle Shania Twain Harry Tweedy Conway Twitty Kathy Twitty Bonnie Tyler T Texas Tyler Dan Tyminski Ian Tyson Sylvia Tyson Richard Underwood Dick Unteed Dean Upson Keith Urban Doug Urie Tommy Vaden Joe Val Jerry Vale Ritchie Valens Gary Van Leroy Van Dyke Sally Van Meter Randy Van Warmer Townes Van Zandt Trudy Vandenberg Dale Vanderpool Lowell Varney Phil Vasser Kin Vassy James D Vaughan Gail Veach Bobby Vee Ray Vega Billy Vera Bill Vernon Kenny Vernon Scott Vestal Wanda Vick Mack Vickery Jim Vienneau Gene Vincent Rhonda Vincent Laura Vinson Bobby Vinton Doug Virden Howard Vokes Pete Wade Stephen Wade Porter Wagoner John Wain Frank Wakefield Jimmy Wakely Johnny Wakley Mark Wald Gary Waldrep Cliff Waldron Bill Walker Billy Walker Cas Walker Charlie Walker Cindy Walker Clay Walker Ebo Walker Gloria Walker Jerry Jeff Walker Jimmy Walker Lawrence Walker Ray Walker Wayne Walker Wiley Walker Jo Walker-Meador Chris Wall Michael Wall Rem Wall Billy Wallace Jerry Wallace Kate Wallace Butch Waller Charlie Waller Byron Walls Don Walser Dock Walsh Joe Walsh Margaret Walters Hank Wangford Charles "Gabe" Ward Fields Ward Jacky Ward Steve Wariner Paul Warmack Jennifer Warnes Dale Warren Dale Henry Warren Fiddlin' Kate Warren Garnett Warren Hank Warren Jimmie Warren Paul Warren Smokey Warren Toshio Watanabe Alan Watkins BB Watson Dale Watson Doc Watson Dawn Watson Gene Watson Merle Watson Rachel Watson Irving Waugh Ken Wayne Jim Weatherly Cicero Weaver Dean Webb Jay Lee Webb June Webb Paul Weber Eric Weissberg Gillian Welch Kevin Welch Blake Weldon Eddie Weldon Gary Weldon Lawrence Welk Freddy Weller Frank Welling Sam Wellington Kitty Wells Tommy Wells Bill Wence EW Bud Wendall Peter Wernick Kenny Wertz Bob Wesson Dottie West Shelly West Speedy West Jimmy West Kent Westberry Johnny Western Andy Weston Brian Westrum Brian Wetzel Ken Wheaton Billy Ed Wheeler Karen Wheeler Onie Wheeler Russ Wheeler Johnny Whisnant Bryan White Buck White Cheryl White Clarence White Danny White Don White Eric White Jayne White Jeff White Josh White Joy White Lari White Roland White Sharon White Tim White Tony Joe White Margaret Whiting Keith Whitley Ray Whitley Slim Whitman Charles Whitstein Robert Whitstein Roger Whittaker Henry Whitter Audrey Wiggins John Wiggins Little Roy Wiggins Billy Wiggle Marshall Wilborn Doyle Wilburn Lester Wilburn Teddy Wilburn George Wilkerson David Wilkins Amanda Wilkinson Steve Wilkinson Tyler Wilkinson Stu Will Slim Willet Audrey Williams Benny Williams Billie Jo Williams Blake Williams Buddy Williams Chickie Williams Cootie Williams Curly Williams Dana Williams Diane Williams Doc Williams Gary Williams Hank Williams Hank Williams III Hank Williams Jr Jackie Lee Williams James Williams Jett Williams Jimmy Williams Josh Williams Lawton Williams Leona Williams Linda Williams Lucinda Williams Otis Williams Paul Williams (Gospel) Paul Williams (Country) Robin Williams Rusty Williams Leslie York Don Williams Bobby Williamson Fiddlin' Skeets Williamson Slim Williamson Foy Willing Barry Robert Willis Daniel Willis Guy Willis Janet Marie Willis Kelly Willis Skeeter Willis Vic Willis Billy Jack Wills Bob Wills Chill Wills David Wills Johnnie Lee Wills Luke Wills Mark Wills Bob Wilson Chuck Wilson Colleen Wilson Ed Wilson Grace Wilson Graham Wilson Hawkshaw Wilson Larry Jon Wilson Mike Wilson Norro Wilson Randall Wilson Sarie Wilson Smiley Wilson Steve Wilson Sheila Wingate George Winn Stephanie Winslow Don Winters Chubby Wise Lulu Belle Wiseman Mac Wiseman Scotty Wiseman Gabe Witcher Al "Porky" Witherow Kimmy Wix Gary Wolf Kate Wolf John Wolters Lee Ann Womack Del Wood Jeff Wood Boots Woodall Bob Woodruff Terry Woodward Chuck Woolery Amy Wooley Sheb Wooley Art Wooten Tom Wopat Eli Worden Glen Worf Jimmy Work Darryl Worley Paul Worley Marion Worth Bobby Wright Chely Wright Curtis Wright Gil Wright Heath Wright John Lincoln Wright Johnny Wright Mark Wright Michelle Wright Perry Wright Randy Wright Ruby Wright Sonny Wright Woody Wright Tammy Wynette Skeets Yaney Frank Yankovic Glenn Yarbrough Rual Yarbrough Bill Yates Billy Yates Wayne Yates Ottice Yawn Earl Yeager Trisha Yearwood Bob Yellin Dwight Yoakam George York Leslie York Rusty York Angel Young Dempsey Young Donny Young Faron Young Fred Young Jess Young Neil Young Nelson Young Richard Young Rusty Young Steve Young Trey Young Dottie Zack Eddie Zack Richie Zack Pia Zadora Gail Zeiler

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